Three Things to Be Kept in Mind When Having your Logo Designed

The logo of your business acts as a visual cornerstone for your company, with it being the first touch point your customer has with the company. So, it is important to make sure that the foundation of your business branding i.e. your logo design is one which falls in line with your overall brand design, to ensure your company’s branding is depicted through it effortlessly. Though, we have quite a few logo designers and graphic design studios, within Sydney, it needs to be ensured that your chosen agency has the capacity to fulfil your requirement.  In order to ensure this, here are our top picks of things to be kept in mind while having your business logo designed.

Clean, Minimal and Unique

When having your logo designed stick to one key principle of design i.e. ‘K.I.S.S’ - ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’. The meaning behind the principle is straightforward, that is, simplicity should be the key goal in logo design with unnecessary complexities being avoided. A minimalistic design is often able to provide more insights into your brand in comparison to an overly cluttered design. Hence, a simple and minimal logo design not only allows for your brand to become instantly recognisable, but also makes for a unique logo design, helping you towards your aim of brand recognition.

Strong Overall Branding Across All Platforms

Since your business logo design acts as the visual representation of your brand, it needs to fall in line with your overall branding strategy, to be used across the various platforms upon which your brand presented. Therefore, you have to make your logo instantly recognizable and memorable, in order to build and maintain a strong overall branding across all platforms. If the customer remembers your logo, it is most likely they will remember the affiliated brand i.e. your brand and what the brand stands for. 

Timeless Design

A simple design should always be the go-to when opting for a logo design. A point to be noted here however is to not follow the ‘current trend’ of logo designing, rather focus upon researching for logo inspirations which have stood the test of time and continue to be memorable and likable at that. Graphic design companies can help you with such a task through utilizing their experience and knowledge of past and current trends, to carry out research for the business, overall design and colours for your logo, which is likely to stand the test of time.    

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