Q&A: Brand Essentials

Supporting small and start up businesses is my one of our absolute passions. We love receiving emails from clients who are inspired, full of ideas, ready and keen to get going on their new venture. From small ideas to grand plans, there's a starting point for everyone so we thought we'd post some of the answers to the questions we receive the most often with regard to branding, web design, marketing and where to start.

I'm on a tight budget but I want to do it right from the start! What are the bare necessities to get started?
Business Cards
Email Signature (optional but recommended)

What is a style guide, do I need one?
A style guide is a document that provides guidelines for the way your brand should be presented. This can include everything from your corporate fonts and how they should be used, your colour palette, the style of images for your business and so on. The purpose of a style guide is to make sure that any contributors to your brand (a web designer, your marketing agency, copywriter, your social media and so on) create content that is consistent to your brand. A strong brand identity is an important factor in the brands success, it creates trust, helps build your reputation, makes you stand out from your competition and projects your values to attract your ideal client.

Do you do any market research?
Absolutely. From your brief we research your target market and competitors.

What do I need to provide you with for my branding and company stationary?
You can find everything you need to provide us with right here!

I need help with my website content, do you have anyone you can recommend for marketing and copywriting?
We certainly do! I can recommend getting in touch with Lauren from Eccollective

I need to source images for my website, what website can I use?
Shutterstock and Getty are great royalty free image sites however images cost around $10 each. I highly recommend Unsplash for sourcing gorgeous, high quality free images. 

Do you offer any assistance with social media?
We certainly do! We highly recommend a social media pack for most start up businesses. These are templates that you can use in Canva to replace text and images. Canva is a great platform to learn to use for your basic social media needs.

Social Media Pack

Feel free to ask any questions that you have in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer them for you!