The New CoOL


I get a lot of enquiries from new businesses doing exciting things in the packaged food space. Along with these enquiries comes a bit of work in making sure that these products comply with the new CoOL regulations, which are a lawful requirement for all food and beverage products sold in a retail environment.

Products packaged from 1 July 2018 must display the new labels.

The best way to determine exactly what you need to display on your product can be found here. If your product has any ingredients from outside of Australia, you will need to generate a unique bar chart for your product. Calculating the correct percentage in the bar chart is your responsibility.

You will need to access the Country of Origin Labelling tool to generate your food labels.

And finally, this handy little style guide will let you know exactly where, and how your labels will need to appear on your product. This is all vital information to pass onto your packaging designer for your product.

Packaging design is our speciality so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your project with Amy Kate further.