Branding Worksheet

These questions are relevant to those who have already obtained a quote and are proceeding with a logo design and branding project. The answers you provide to these questions will form the creative brief that will be used when working on your project. Please make the time to fill out the worksheet properly. This will save you time and money in the long run, and help us to create a great brand for you.

Your Name *
Your Name
Your business name.
Please include a link or information below if you answer yes.
What feeling or message do you want your brand to convey to those who view it?
Give examples of websites or designs that are inspirational to you and the project. These do not need to be from your industry. Alternatively you can email through any images to
Colours that you like or think would work well for the brand
Select as many as you like.
Do you have any preferred fonts?
Please include all social media links that you would like to include.